We support SMEs and start-ups in designing innovative business development strategies, preparing them to face the challenges of the global market competitively.

Our accompaniment and support services cover the following areas:

Investment strategies

We offer specialized advisory services for the identification of investment opportunities, market analysis, risk assessment, and drafting of high-performing business plans, accompanying clients at every stage of the process and empowering them to make informed and informed decisions at any time.


Identifying sources of funding can be particularly complex, especially for small organizations or large investments. With our consultants' 20 years of experience, we can develop high-performing fundraising strategies, combining concessional finance, tax breaks, public funding, and raising from private investors.


Expanding beyond national borders can bring significant opportunities but requires careful planning and in-depth knowledge of the target market. Through our specialized partner circuits in Europe, we offer specialized support in identifying target markets, developing entry strategies, managing international operations, and dealing with challenges related to local culture and regulations.

Management consulting

Human resources are the key element in the success of any business. Our services include support for human resource management, career planning, and performance management, with the goal of creating motivating work environments and attracting top talent.

Government Procurement

The complexity and constant fluidity of public procurement procedures and regulations is a serious obstacle for companies that are not properly organized to work in this market. With a team that is highly qualified in the field, we offer advanced consulting to guide clients through all phases of work, from developing the bidding strategy, to bid preparation, contract activation, and administrative management of variants and progress reports.