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ProgrammeEEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment Unlocking Youth Potential
Project Collaborative and sharing workspaces: policies for youth in EEA peripheral regions
Tags Cowork4YOUTH, NEET, EEA

Cowork4YOUTH is an analysis and research project that aims to increase knowledge of the impact of existing policies and to offer concrete policy suggestions to improve youth employment opportunities in the peripheral regions of the European Economic Area (EEA), where a high rate of NEET, aged between 25 and 29, is concentrated. The project explores employment prospects for these final beneficiaries by adopting an innovative methodology that addresses “nested peripherality” through the recombinant use of existing social innovations and alternative practices: collaborative practices, co-working spaces such as “learning centers”.

The methodology will be structured on three levels:

  • The international level is related to the potential of platform economies socially centered platform to activate young people and create job opportunities for Neets on a transnational scale;
  • The national level of sufficient and appropriate educational initiatives and alternative policies;
  • The regional level is related to the development of initiatives by less developed local communities seeking to involve young Neets in spaces involving young Neets in collaborative co-working spaces. acting as “learning centers”.

Cowork4youth will expand its impact beyond the duration of funding by following an integrated plan of sustainability and scalability.

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